11 May 2007

War and Marriage

While we often remember the dead of war, it's much less common to organize a celebration of the life that may have come out of war. The Halifax Daily News reports on a War Bride Train leaving for Ottawa where the Canadian War Museum is holding an exhibition to commemorate War Brides. My mother was a war bride, so it's fair to say that if it hadn't been for Herr Hitler, I wouldn't be here. Maybe I should write a book about war brides and their children. How many of the latter, like me, voluntarily came to the land of the mother's and settled down?


Melynda Jarratt said...

Hi Paul, I stumbled upon your blog comment about War Brides. What country did your mother come to after the Second World War?

Paul Brewer said...

My mother is English. According to the U.S. government, she is a citizen of the United Kingdom. I prefer to think of her as a subject of Her Majesty - just like Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, Solomon Islanders and Antiguans.