09 May 2007


When I first came to Britain, as a student, in 1978, the scars of the Second World War were still in plain view. "Bombsites" were the playgrounds of inner-city youth. Shelters still stood in people's back yards. Then, when I moved here in the mid 1980s, you'd hear every other year or so about traffic problems caused by the discovery of an unexploded bomb. I think the last one in London was in the mid 1990s. Occasionally, a note would crop up in the newspaper about a farmer uncovering some weapon of war on the Continent. However, it's worth remembering that there are other places to find relics of the war.


Ross Mahoney said...

You can still find some odd relics lying about. Have a look at this post on Dan Todman's site of a T-34/85 in London.

Zebra Tank

Jill said...

Last year some builders deepening the basement in a building in Brick Lane, London (very near the City) found what appeared to be an unexploded WWII bomb and the whole area was cordoned off for several blocks.