21 September 2007

Pot-Pourri Welcome

I'd been saving a number of links for future posts, but the backlog has gotten such that I must deal with some more swiftly. So, here's some things that have caught my eye in the last two weeks.

- To start on a personal note, my brother occasionally alludes to his US Navy experiences in the late 1960s, tracking Soviet submarines. This book and podcast offer a view that one US submarine sinking may have been a consequence of a cat-and-mouse game played with the Red Navy over several years.

- The US Army is planning to reorganize itself from a divisional to a brigade pattern in order to be more flexible in undertaking action. The Council on Foreign Relations has provided a short background note about what's going on.

- Inter-service rivalries go beyond the Army-Navy game in the United States. But they appear to be a subject of debate in other countries, too.

- Finally, I used to be active in Detroit area gaming during the 1970s, and this game was quite a popular space-filler in between other activities. I'd forgotten all about it. It's not, however, for those without a sense of humour.

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