21 November 2006

Leyte Gulf

Evan Thomas's book on the battle of Leyte Gulf is doing well. And there's all sorts of stuff on the web about the battle. Here's a lost-in-action report. Or you can visit the excellent Combined Fleet site to read an in-depth attempt to establish who got sunk first.


Deborah Willis said...

Was searching for info on the Battle of Leyte Gulf. My father was a survivor of the battle. He was a fuse-setter for the No. 1 gun (5-inch) on the USS Heermann, the only destroyer which wasn't sunk. Badly damaged, she limped to port after this series of battles, mattresses stuffed in the holes in her bow to keep her afloat. My dad's now 80 yr. old.

Paul Brewer said...

You can find some more information under the Battle of Leyte Gulf heading here: http://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/PTO/Philippines/index.html