30 July 2006

Mussolini Mystery

While researching my forthcoming book Chronicle of War, I was rereading the last few chapters of Christopher Hibbert's biography of the Italian dictator. I finished thinking that there was a good television docu-drama in this, or even a film, but also wondering about what had happened to the documents Mussolini was described as having selected from his archives. I wondered if his death had not been a summary execution by communists, but a murder by one of the Allies' intelligence services. Well, an Internet search today revealed my suspicions have been shared by others. Indeed, Italy's best television channel, RAI Tre, has produced a documentary exploring such suspicions. An Italian journalist, Luciano Garibaldi, has also written about his own investigations. Of course, Italy is hardly short of controversial conspiracy theories, often involving foreign intelligence organizations. And in this document, authored by one of the producers of the RAI Tre documentary, there's no mention of intelligence activities in Mussolini's death. I'll probably look into this further when I have more time.

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